By: Jada Solomon

New York Protest
“New York Protest” by KarlaAnnCoté is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0 

I have never been placed in a situation where the color of my skin has determined if my life is going to be at risk.

The purpose of the black lives matter movement is to spread awareness on the violence and systematic racism that is placed on the African American community. Police brutality is very much still a thing and to many African Americans die every year in the hands of this country’s justice system. We must do better.

Racial profiling and racial inequality is still very much an issue in 2019. When will enough be enough. Many have lost their lives in this state of opression that just keeps pulling us back. When will enough be enough? When will the government call this out? When will those WHITE cops be held accountable?

The only reason why the All Lives Matter movement was created was to diminish the importance of black people. Yes, all lives have value but its time that we put all our attention into this racist issue that has gone on for too long.

Why is no one talking about all these deaths? Why are black girls currently missing all around the country and no one seems to be talking about it?

Say Their Names:

Tamir Rice

Emmet Till

Eric Garner

Rekia Boyd

Michael Brown

Freddie Gray

Tanisha Anderson

Tony Robinson

Sandra Bland

Trayvon Martin

Amadou Dialld

Walter Scott

We should know their names.

#RIP – Rest in Power