“Sophistic Keychain” by bfishadow is licensed under CC BY 2.0

n today’s class we talked about the final presentation and the storages that computer have and had acquired. The professor gave a brief description of what we will have to do for this final presentation and as well united some of the groups which will now consist of six student in each group. He said that he is going to post the instructions for this presentation during the week on the class website Inf103 and I will also be leaving the list of the groups under this paragraph just in case if you couldn’t assist the class on November 5. After the discussion for the final presentation the professor started to talk about the spaces or storages that computer have been increasing. He also gave us a brief description and definition of what a CPU is which is a Central Processing Unit which in case is where the data gets processed. Finally he ended with what are Apps, why do we use them for mainly and their characteristics.

1. Inteligencia Artificial & Machine Learning < Leonardo + Carolina

2. Realidad Virtual y Augmentada <> Caroline + Leslie

3. Internet of Things (IoT) <> Aleksia + Adelmarie

4. Cloud Computing <> Iris + Odannys

5. 3D Printing <<3DP>> Francisco + Josiris

6. Medicina/fitness personalizados <> Lyan + Melvin

7. Bitcoin & monedas digitales <> Joseph + Marielmy

8. Big Data <> Lizangely + Aria

9. Robótica <> Laura H + Abdiel

10. Domótica (home automation) <> Natalia + Moses

11. Blockchain – Sara + Ivonne (Pr. final solamente)

Grupos Proyecto FINAL

G1: 1, 8, 9                          G3: 3, 4, 10

G2: 2, 5, 6 G4: 7, 11 + Dark Web