Domotica or known in English as Home automation is the set of technologies applied to the control and intelligent automation of house, which allows the system to receive information to give order to the technology in the house to fit out desire and needs. Joel Spira creator of Home automation truly revealed his invention in the seventies. The first system was built in America but restricted to only being able to control the temperature and was only build specific buildings and offices but as the time and years have passed they have started applying these systems in houses and such.

Home automation is a wide and disperse system that has control over the things technological in the house or building such as the temperature, alarms , systems, lights and many more. This system can be used via a phone, tablet, computer and laptop.

These are the most used apps and one of the best said by customers

  • Houseinhand KNX
  • Nexho
  • ImperiHome



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Here’s a Video in case if you guys are curious

Home Automation