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Harry Styles

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Harry Styles has been my no. 1 favorite artist ever since his One Direction years and he still remains one of my favorites up until this day, during his solo career. In order to celebrate his new song’s release (‘Lights Up’) and its peculiar, but amazing nevertheless, music video, here’s a look into Harry Styles.

First and foremost: Who is Harry Styles?

Harry Edward Styles was born on February 1st, 1994 and he’s from Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England. During his adolescence he used to work at a bakery right there in his town, until he participated on The X Factor in 2010 by singing ‘Isn’t She Lovely?’ from Stevie Wonder, with merely 16 years old.

His journey to be what he is today:

One Direction

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After entering the competition, he was cut out before the finals. Things took a surprising twist when one of the judges, Simon Cowell, decided to join Harry and 4 more competitors into a band, which was then called One Direction. Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn didn’t win first place on the show, however, their popularity rose unexpectedly and very quickly. They released five albums called ‘Up All Night’ (2011), ‘Take Me Home’ (2012), ‘Midnight Memories’ (2013), ‘Four’ (2014), and ‘Made In The AM’ (2015). On 2015, they announced they would go on an indefinite hiatus from 2016 onwards, and they still remain on their separate ways up until this day.

His solo path

After Harry’s separation from One Direction, he started filming Christopher Nolan’s war thriller ‘Dunkirk‘ which was released on 2017. That same year, he launched his solo career with his debut song ‘Sign of the Times’ and, following, his debut album ‘Harry Styles‘. His album contained 10 songs:

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  1. Meet Me in the Hallway
  2. Sign of the Times
  3. Carolina
  4. Two Ghosts
  5. Sweet Creature
  6. Only Angel
  7. Kiwi
  8. Ever Since New York
  9. Woman
  10. From the Dining Table

“A lot of my influences, and the stuff that I love, is older… I didn’t want to put out my first album and be like, ‘He’s tried to re-create the Sixties, Seventies, Eighties, Nineties.’ Loads of amazing music was written then, but I’m not saying I wish I lived back then. I wanted to do something that sounds like me.”

Harry Styles in Rolling Stone

After releasing his first album, he went on a tour on 2018 called Harry Styles: Live On Tour. I had the chance to see him, for the very first time, performing live on July 9th, 2018 in Sacramento, CA. It was a unique experience, and I’d gladly go back.

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Harry finished his 2018 tour, and took two years to finally release new content. He released the single ‘Lights Up’ recently, on October 2019, with the music video. Strong rumors are going around that his new album is just around the corner, and could be released when we least expect it. Harry LOVES surprising us fans, so we could be listening to more content any day now.

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