Suicide doesn’t kill people, sadness kills them.

South Korean singer, Sulli, was found dead at her home in Seoul on Oct.14.2019, with merely 25 years old. Sulli was a k-pop singer, and an actress. Her real name was Choi Jin Ri, and she had debuted with the girl group f(x) under SM Entertainment. She had taken a break from the spotlight until 2014 because of cyber-bullying and online misinformation, she then quit the f(x) and focused on her acting career the following year.

taken from Soompi

Sulli’s manager reported that she actually suffered from depression, and the police suspect the cause of her death might be suicide. This still remains questionable, since investigations haven’t shown any sign of foul play or a suicide note. Sulli, even though she was quite talked about in a positive way, she was a constant target of online abuse. Many people are also remembering another K-Pop star, Jonghyun, who killed himself back in December 2017.

My thoughts:

Even though I didn’t actually follow her, I’m still very shocked to know about her death. Famous artists keep dying, and not precisely because of age or sickness. We all might think that our favorite Idols have their lives solved and must be absolutely happy being a target of constant love and admiration. This is just not the case; all artists, as well as they have their fans and those who love them unconditionally, they also have their haters. In my opinion, the ‘haters’ are just people who are so bored and sad with their lives that they have to go on and make these amazing artists feel sad and uncomfortable with themselves.

We should really try and think of those around us as well as our favorite artists, and not say anything without thinking it through. Everyone has their own troubles and hardships, and no one can easily escape from them. Even if you’re a really famous artist, your weaknesses will follow you around, and it will be impossible to get over them if everyone is targeting them and taking advantage of you through them.

Let’s save lives, instead of ending them with our hurtful words.