By: Jada Solomon

Welcome to my first ever weekly segment of "Whats Going On Right Now? " I will post a social issue that's going on currently. This will include a summary and my own personal opinion of whatever is going on. 

#AbolishIce: ICE has moved 700 women and their lawyers have no idea where they are.

More than 700 women were transferred out of a Texas Detention Center in September. Lawyers from (RAICES) do not have access to where the majority of the women are because ICE does not have updated info from their detainee tracking system. Their health and mental conditions are at risk because of this, due to lawyers being unable to fight for their right to medical treatment. This also includes the risk of not having legal representation, if they don’t find their lawyers.

This is a violation of human rights. ICE must do something to fix their online detainee tracking system. This isn’t the first time something like this happens. ICE already has 7 deaths on their hands from earlier this year due to not receiving proper medical treatment.

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