I use the Web to research different things that help me get through the day. I visit a lot Google, You tube, Instagram, Netflix, Caribbean Cinemas and other websites but those are my main. There are some pros & cons of using the web , The pros that the web gives are information depending on what your searching and when I have to do an assignment for my classes the web helps me gather all the information that I’m looking for. The cons are that we can’t always rely on the web because not everything on the internet is true and we need to be careful, another con is that sometimes we spent a lot of time on the web that we isolate from the world completely.

I could live without the web and I think everybody should feel this way because there’s more to life than being on a computer or a phone all day. Life is about spending with the people you love and living it. On the web I spend like 2 hours a day and is usually on Netflix.

Links to websites I use everyday:

https://www.google.com https://www.netflix.com https://www.Instagram.com

Here is a tweet of one of my favorite mask ever