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Today I will be talking about Facebook Knows You Better Than Anyone Else by Douglas Quenqua On this post it says that allegedly Facebook may be developing a system that will be able to judge your personality and it could be so accurate that it could eventually replace humans in this area.  Also on the same topic there’s this post called How Your Facebook Likes Could Cost You a Job by Anna North. On this one they share with us that this system could even cost us our jobs. Our employer could be able to determine how good we are for the area we are applying for just by what we like in Facebook.

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Honestly I believe this is a horrible idea and decision and frankly a really stupid one. First of all, doesn’t the fact that could cost us a job, speak for it self? Isn’t it obvious how stupid this idea is? I don’t see a positive side to it. I only see the side of how badly this system could affect us. Not only we would have to unlike the things we like just so the system wouldn’t be able to determine who we are, if we don’t we would have to deal with whatever happens because of it.

I think this is an idea that could only get ugly. How can a machine know us better that what we know about ourselves? Isn’t that why we live inside ourselves, isn’t it why we say that no one knows us like ourselves? We know who we are and we know what kind of people we show what side to. I do use this site, but I am not addicted to it, it could be taken away from me and I wouldn’t mind.

I think Facebook is slowly taking mentality away, it’s slowly turning into a site where we just do everything and I would prefer it to stay just as a social network were we can just get in touch with friends who are far away and show them how we are doing. But this site is turning into pretty much everything, it can be a blog, a social network, a promotion page, etc. I do like social networks don’t get me wrong, but I do believe we are exaggerating them to a point of no return. We are being consumed, we are being controlled by them.

I do use social networks to work on my group homework’s and projects, I love blogging so I obviously use it to blog, to have contact with family that live far away, with friends, etc. Mostly I use them to blog, to share everything when I am at  point where I can’t go on. To just empty my cup so I can fill it again. But people use it to destroy each other, to lose their lives in it, to do silly things as the one we were talking about. That is sad, hopefully humanity will stop, but they have no brakes…