Hello potential dates!

As you all know Valentines day is around the corner and we are all excited, either to have fun with our friends, go out with our significant others or in my case go to a concert. This day is typical for love and love alone. Some people choose this day to start dating and some people go on blind dates with the hope of finding perfection. Well look no more!!!! This Valentines day is perfection guarantied. If you live in Puerto Rico and you know where San Patricio Plaza in Guaynabo is located, you should drop by the store The Bookmark any day between this Wednesday, February 11th to Sunday, February 15th. This store features different types of books and at great prices. This is where I buy most of the books I read and I love it. I believe you should all give it a try, who knows and maybe you find the perfect book or author for you. There’s a book, perfect for everyone, you just have to find it.

Let yourself discover new adventures inside this books. Now, having a blind date with a book is easy, you’ll be able to browse through the candidates that were selected. They will all be wrapped completely and labeled with a special introduction. You’ll be able to choose your date without knowing what the contents really is! Last time they did it and I couldn’t go but my best friend did and she got what is her favorite book now. I am very excited to go this year. I have to say I took the description I just wrote of the event off the invitation they sent.

Blind Date With a Book

Picture by: Pricenton Public Library. Licence CC

Some of you may not want to buy a book without knowing exactly what book you’re taking home, but that’s the fun of the whole thing. If you’re not so sure, take a cheap one. But I would tell you to go with your gut and buy the one that the intro stood out. Like the promo says, Don’t judge a book by it’s cover and come out and have a blind date with a book. Be daring and go get yourself a blind date for this Valentine!