Okay guys, I know this isn’t so important but check this out. When I open the browser on my computer, Yahoo! pops up and I see the daily news all around the world. One of the news that kind of caught my attention was this one. Why? Well, I wasn’t quite sure but I decided to check it out and instead of taking it serious, I actually giggled. The scenario wasn’t so pleasing for Kate Middleton but to us viewers, it was epic. Kate Middleton is the Duchess of Cambridge and married to Prince William, for those of you who didn’t know. We see Kate as a perfect, okay not perfect, but as a jolly and humble person. That is rare to see now a days but of course, everybody has their sassy side. She and her husband, William, visited the Northside Center for Child Development to spend time at a gift-wrapping station in New York. Yeah, nothing wrong here. This bit of the scenario was caught on tape, more specifically Vine, and was spread worldwide quickly. The reason for Kate’s sassy side is caused by this peeving New Yorker going up to Kate while wrapping the presents and says “Keep wrapping!” in a rude way. Since Kate is so nice and doesn’t give in to what people say, she let it aside but of course she did roll her eyes. When I saw this vine over and over again, I kept laughing because Kate’s face is priceless. Check out the video for yourself!