Protesters took over the shopping centers late Thanksgiving, early Friday. It is said that those protesters, about 2 dozen of them, chanted: “no justice, no peace, no racist police” and “no more Black Friday”. It was said most were black protesters and they were chanting in the faces of the white police men. This same act was taken place different places of the world.

Find out the details of the madness here: A Glance at Ferguson:Then, Now and the Future

If you want my opinion, I obviously know why they would do this. Of course it was wrong to shoot an unarmed kid. Not even any kid, an African-American kid. You never hear that it was an African-American officer, you will always hear it was a white officer. We obviously see that wrong because of the past and it happens constantly. What else are we going to think? That white cops always see black people as a threat, an open target and that is what is causing the world to crash down. We are equal human beings, they have rights. Who are you to shoot unarmed people? Just because you have a badge and a uniform doesn’t give you the right to go on shooting helpless people. I personally think this will never end because the world just gets worse and worse so who knows what else they would do. I can’t bare listening/reading about these types of news. It sickens me to know there are heartless and cruel people in this world.