I hate this! Why is his presence so strong? I need this bullshit to stop!! as much as i try to block it all out, it always seeps through. I can’t have a quiet moment without remembering something, I can’t see something anywhere doesn’t remind of a trait I can’t concentrate on anything, he’s always just there! And like an idiot I wait… I wait and I wait and I wait for something I want to let go. What am I really waiting for? Him? or to let him go? Whatever it is I just don’t want Him there anymore. I must stop this but why is it so hard? These usually take me two weeks and this but this has spiraled way out of my time zone. I don’t ask anything of him I just ask whatever part of me that grasps on tho him and his memories to let go, for my sake. He is happy right now without me, and I think it’s already time for me to be happy without him.

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