Why your text is important to your blog’s lifeline…

According to an article on ProBlogger, text is far from being dead. In fact, it’s easier and faster to consume than video or audio. It also leaves a lot more room for the personal imagination, as the “read between the lines” expression suggests. With writing, you don’t need special equipment or a team of people, it’s just you and the keyboard, making it a more cost effective and streamlined process (especially for new bloggers).

Tips to stay ahead of the game and keep your readers coming back:

Just because it’s easy to write doesn’t mean you don’t need to write well – see our tips below to help you out.

Outline your post before you write it.

For some bloggers, this requires a physically written outline, graph, or list. Others (and sometimes more experienced writers) can just think of the list in their mind and begin. Either way, knowing exactly what you are going to write before you start typing always makes the process flow much easier. You’ll notice a difference — your end result will be content that flows easily, with more cohesive and concise writing.

Read your post aloud first, then let others read it before you publish.

Sometimes what sounds good in your head doesn’t sound quite right when you read it aloud. For instance, you may realize you used a run-on sentence, or perhaps you used the same descriptive word more than once. When you hear these mistakes aloud, it’s much easier to catch.

Furthermore, you want to make sure your readers are understanding what you are writing — just because it makes sense to you, doesn’t necessarily mean it will make sense to them. Have a friend or family member have a look at your draft before you post it (and make sure it’s someone who isn’t afraid to be brutally honest). Take their feedback seriously and analyze their opinion on your post. Their suggestions could help you tap into how others digest your writing.

Remember, the reader wants to take something away from your post.

Why is your audience bothering to read this post until the very end? Is it a story they want to hear? Are you introducing them to a new product or designer they may not have heard of? Are you weighing in on a topical subject? Are you objecting to a common felt notion? Always focus on the WHY, and make it abundantly clear to your audience.

Have you struggled with writing better content on your blog? What are some ways you improve upon your writing?

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