In this class we talked about many interesting new subjects like:

  • Computer Literacy – is known as “the knowledge and ability to use computers and technology efficiently”.

    What we also talked about was how there used to be this old catalog at the college library where they used cards (Rolodex© type, I’m sure), where you used to get the references and information you needed for thesis, projects or dissertations. Now, with the internet revolution, this catalog no longer exists. Taking it’s place is now famous in campus, Virtual Library. This virtual library is part of many academic institutions in the metropolitan area where they share information.

    We also learned that we should not believe everything that the Internet says. Well, if I may, what pray tell can we believe? WHO do we believe in that case? Because if even the British Encyclopedia has errors, than in what text book can we be 100% positive that what we are writing is the truth and nothing but the truth (pun intended).

  • Information Literacy – this consists in enquiring the capability of knowing when or why you need information. You can share, evaluate, even use it to behave in an ethical manner.

    The teacher said it more trustworthy to go straight to a librarian for help instead of trying to  find a hard to get book and/or article alone and that you should always double-check the authority or veracity an author has on the article at hand.

    Finally, he gave a LOT of emphasis on the reference work in an article.  He even mentioned a couple of reference organizing help website. Like RefWorks,, and

Well, all in all, a very pleasant morning with our professor and looking forward to our next class! Should be fun though right? Hahaha.

I also found a video you might be interest in for your future essays and stuff, about how to make a reference list, APA style! (No Gangnam here!) The music is a little off though, sounds like a 70′s miami beach bar!

Here are MY references: