Alright now tonight I wanna talk a little bit about Piracy. Anyone whose ever downloaded a movie or a song or even taken a picture has most likely heard of the term and what it entails. Piracy stands for the copying, stealing or duplicating a piece of work for profit. There are multiple types of piracy in the world from pirated movies and songs to copied reports and essays. What I want to talk about however is something a bit different…a reason why people pirate movies.


Now before anything else is said I DO NOT APPROVE OF PIRATING! Pirating is like thieving: your stealing something that someone worked hard to make. That being said however I can see why people would pirate movies and songs. Not everyone can afford to buy movies and music and even games considering the price given to them and the little money being given depending on the job a person may have. Another factor to take into account is the popularity of set genres and how the desire to own something of that caliber can influence their decision. Of course Piracy is wrong but is it really hard to see why people resort to Piracy as a last ditch effort? There are people who pirate things simply to make a profit but there are people who do it simply because they have no other option but to do so.