Do you guys ever remember, how the world stopped for a moment to watch how many of citizens were fighting for their lives? Even though, they knew there was less than a 10% possibility of them surviving a collapsing building… Well, I do remember. I was in 2nd grade and I remember, how I woke up that day, a normal school day. I walked towards the TV and saw in the news how people were jumping from the twin towers, I got scared and started crying while my mom held me. I asked my mom: “Mom, why are those people jumping off the building? What’s happening?” and she told me: “Little girl, those people are fighting with a tragedy that will turn from a bad one to a nightmare.” I ran into my grandmother’s room and started praying for all the lives taken and all the lives lost. I didn’t go to school. But I do remember, how I spent all day thinking about the people that died there and how one of those could have been one of my family.

Picture by williamthecoroner

I cared and still care about others. That day, innocent people died because of the government and it’s issues with other countries. Because of that USA… I REMEMBER.